Superfoods, Drinkified.

Our heart & mission

is making superfoods super-approachable, super-effective & super-craveable.  We do this by infusing fresh almond milk with potent, health-boosting plants to create our line of cold-pressed



Golden Ginger & Turmeric

The miraculous anti-inflammatory & digestive wonder. Organic Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon & Black Pepper combines with fresh almond milk for a rejuvenating elixir.

Inflammatory Begone

Contains 3,600mg of our proprietary, Curcumin-rich, Golden Turmeric spice blend

Super-Plant Compounds

Wellness Trio of Curcumin + Piperine + Gingerol in every sip

Happy Belly

With the digestive goodness of pure ginger root


Thai Coconut
& Vanilla

A deliciously creamy duo of heart-healthy fats.  Rich & creamy Thai coconut milk meets cold-pressed almond milk that’s accentuated with real Raw Vanilla Bean specks & balanced with organic citrus.

Duo of Good Fats

Coconut MCTs* and Almond MUFAs** help support metabolic & heart health

*medium chain triglycerides **monounsaturated fatty acids

Clean & Honest

Real coconut & raw sprouted almonds with ZERO Carrageenan or Gum Thickeners

Brighten Up

Goodness of fresh lemon to balance & alkalize in every sip


Matcha Citrus Latte

Power of Matcha, or Japanese green tea, for sustained, jitter-free energy.  We blend this ancient superfood with creamy fresh almond milk and clean citrus for a uniquely energizing drink.

Jitter-Free Energy

70mg of caffeine pairs with 70mg of essential amino acids for energy minus the crash

Sustained Focus

30mg of L-theanine, a rare amino acid promoting relaxed alertness

Cleanse & Detoxify

With green Chlorophyll and the power of fresh lemon in every sip


Bright Hemp

High Protein & Fiber from powerful hemp and sprouted almonds.  These potent plants are combined with creamy fresh almond milk to create the perfect post-workout recovery.

2 X Plant Power

7g of premium protein & 4g of fiber from hemp and sprouted almonds in every bottle

Nutrient Powerhouse

Contains all 9 essential amino acids + omega fatty acids

Purify & Alkalize

With the power of fresh, bright lemon in every sip


Goji Orange Zest

Antioxidant Powerhouse from a cocktail of bright & potent superfruits.  Goji, Orange, Lemon and Ginger infuses a base of fresh almond milk for an immune strengthening refresher.

Antioxidant Cocktail

Powerful superfruits provide an excellent source of Vitamin-C plus Gingerol + Carotenoids

Happy Belly

With the digestive goodness of pure ginger root

Tasty Mood Lifter

Uplifting brightness of Goji, Orange & Lemon in every sip


We're more than just beverages!


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