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Origin Almond almond milk

Origin Almond is a purveyor of deliciously pure almond milk that is untouched by the artificial.  Each joyful sip brings the goodness of fresh, unadulterated almond milk because we only use 100% truly raw & organic almonds and exclude widely used thickeners & emulsifiers.

Our almond milks stay true to the origin of unadulterated freshness as they are made from truly raw, organic almonds and exclude carrageenan, gums, and added lecithin commonly found in many commercial brands.  In addition to our signature Original variety, our almond milks are also available in a spectrum of super-food varieties which include Dark Cacao, Golden Ginger & Turmeric, & Matcha Green Tea.

Cold Pressed

Superfood Drinks

Base of Organic, Sprouted Almond Milk Rainbow of Superfood-powered Flavors
Never Heated or Flash-Pasteurized Naturally Dairy/Soy/Gluten-Free & Paleo-Friendly

Our Story:

     After years of living in Asia he became a believer & advocate of the goodness of unadulterated plant-based nutrition.  While abroad, one of his favorite daily staples was fresh almond milk, made daily with only water + raw almonds. He would often pair that pure, clean almond flavor with a variety of superfoods and fresh lemon to his own healthy & complete elixirs.

     After returning to the US he tried the other almond milk brands and was utterly disappointed.  Those diluted, bland beverages paled in comparison to the almond goodness he used to enjoy.  Furthermore, they were packed with excess sugars, salt, nasty thickeners, emulsifiers, and other additives to compensate for the lack of almonds.  People deserve a better option!

     So with his heart & mission to serve deliciously pure almond milk, the seeds of Origin Almond were sown.  His hope is for others to have their own joyful sip - and experience the inherent goodness & deliciousness that’s contained in the almond’s purest, unadulterated form…. its origin.

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