Our Origins


Origin Almond was sprouted...

to combat the #1 enemy to public health: excess sugar. We believe that the first step to better health is the reduction of excess sugars—esp. the hidden sugars found in what were thought to be healthy foods, like fruit juices.  Our founder, Jake Deleon, experienced this firsthand coming from a childhood of obesity but eventually adopted a clean & lean diet which greatly reduced his intake of food with excess sugars—including fruit juices.  

With his love of delicious food and passion for healthy living, he developed a line of cold-pressed almond juices which offer all the goodness & nutrients of cold-pressed fruit juices minus all the sugar & carbs. His promise: honoring the origins of pure whole foods—which includes using sprouted almonds, potent super foods and adaptogens, & zero added sugar.

In October 2015, Origin Almond produced and sold its' first product at the Collingswood Farmer's Market in South Jersey.  Until now, the team is working hard so that more people can experience & enjoy the goodness of lean, clean & cold-pressed plant goodness.


Our mission:

At Origin Almond, we're here to reignite the love for cold-pressed juices.

Our Almond Juices offer the best of cold-pressed juices, the delicious fresh taste & functional benefits, but with A LOT LESS sugar (as low as 1g per bottle), calories, & carbs and MORE healthy fat, fiber, & protein.


Our Values

Cold-Pressed Reinvented.

Origin Almond exists to reignite the love for cold-pressed juices. All our varieties offers a delicious, cold-pressed fresh taste minus the excess sugar, carbs, & calories. We work towards this mission with these key values:


1. Keeping Food Honest.

By spotlighting the goodness of clean & simple ingredients to help spark conversations about what we eat.  All our recipes start with a base of sprouted, organic almonds which are never heated, or flash pasteurized to preserve its' freshness and nutrient content. 


2. Clean & Lean Nutrition.

Sugar Begone! Did you know that the most popular cold-pressed juices can contain up to 40g of sugar per 8oz serving? That's more sugar than soda! All our products contain as low as 1g of sugar per entire bottle (zero added) along with high plant protein & fiber so that your body enjoys the fresh & healthy benefits of cold-pressed without the hidden excessive sugars.


3. Think & Drink Sustainably.

Sustainable & Responsibly Grown by only using responsibly grown ingredients and combating our own food waste by transforming it into a new product. Say what? That's right! We convert the by-product of our almond juices into a 100% plant-based skincare line - Clean as Kale.  We invite you to check it out!


Press / Media





What is cold pressure (HPP) and why do you use it?


At Origin Almond, we use Cold Pressure, also known as High Pressure Processing (HPP), instead of high heat, to extend shelf life & to help our beverages retain the maximum amount of essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes.  And since we never expose our product to high heat, their delicious fresh-pressed taste & nutrient content is kept intact!  To learn more about HPP, head on over to ColdPressured.org.



I notice that there's separation in the beverage.  It looks weird, so why does it do this?


True food separates!  Without the use of artificial additives, nasty gums or thickeners (which we never use!) separation occurs naturally, due to the varying densities of the almond, water, and other all-natural ingredients that we use. Simply shake well before enjoying!



I noticed that all the formulas include lemon - why did you include that?


The unlikely but deliciously wholesome combo of almonds & citrus.  It's no secret that citrus fruits, like the lemon, are revered as nutritional powerhouses.  Their incredible detoxing & cleansing properties are supplemented with potent nutrients such as Vitamin C and Anti-Cancer flavonoids.  When combined with almonds, these super fruits provide those amazing benefits while lending a clean, bright tast.  Experience this amazing experience for yourself!



How do I get in touch regarding wholesale or media queries?


Please send us a note at hello@OriginAlmond.com :)



But I still have other questions!


If these questions didn’t cover what you were looking for, send us a note through our contact form or e-mail us directly at hello@OriginAlmond.com and we’ll do our best to help out!



Can you tell me more about Shipping & Delivery?


We're thrilled to offer shipping to the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic regions of the USA.  As our products are perishable, we ship in insulated coolers with gel ice packs.  We hope to ship to more areas of the USA but but due to the temperature sensitivity of the product we are unable to accommodate those orders at this time. Details of our Shipping Policy is outlined below:

We ship all of our orders via 2-3 day delivery between Monday and Wednesday — so your order should arrive within about a week of the online purchase date.  Please see specifics below. We also encourage you to check your tracking number, which we always send in your shipping confirmation. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your order, our process, or the timing of it all, please send us a note: hello@OriginAlmondcom.