4 Life Changing Benefits of Following an Alkaline Diet

     The saying, “you reap what you sow,” applies to almost everything, including your health & well-being. What you put into your body will determine how efficiently your body will perform.

More often than not, the modern diet consists of too many acid-forming foods like carbs, meats, dairy and coffee... yes, that's right, coffee. Although I always considered my eating habits healthy, I realized how much coffee I consume and rely on a daily basis. On average, Americans drink 3 cups of coffee a day. Yikes.

So what's the big deal about consuming too many acid-forming foods?  Scientific studies & dietitians agree that balancing our internal pH levels are critical in keeping our bodies happy and healthy.  Essentially a body that's in a constant acidic state is prone to disease, chronic illness, weight gain, and even shaving years off your life.  On the opposite end, a body that follows an alkaline diet may benefit from a variety of healthy advantages.

Here are 4 Life-Changing Benefits of Following an Alkaline Diet:

  • Fights against Fatigue: Too much acid in the body decreases the supply of oxygen. This decreases the cell’s ability repair and collect nutrients. If you feel groggy and tired throughout the day, even with the proper amount of sleep, this could be the unnecessary buildup of acid.

  • Strengthens Immune System: Unbalance in pH reduces the body’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses. Without the oxygen, bacteria and viruses can thrive the most in the bloodstream. Alkalizing is a necessity to eliminate the probability of disease.

  • Reduces inflammation: Over-acidity in the body can increase inflammation, when you have heart disease, arthritis, or cancer your system is in an inflammatory state. A diet that consists of alkaline-forming foods keeps inflammation in check.

  • Strengthens Bone: As people age, the body naturally uses up calcium from our bones Calcium in a key factor in balancing the blood and body pH. Without the calcium, our bones become brittle, leading to osteoporosis.

What is an Alkaline Diet & how do I start?  An Alkaline diet allows us to put foods on a scale to classify them as either acid-forming or alkaline-forming.  Generally foods with a pH level of 1-7 are considered acidic, or the meats, dairy and coffee we mentioned earlier.  Foods between 7-14 are considered alkaline and happen to be nutrient dense and antioxidant rich.  Great examples of healthy, alkaline foods include:  citrus fruits (esp. fresh lemon), vegetables and raw, unprocessed nuts such as almonds.  Our bodies’ goal is to find a balance in the alkaline zone between 7.35 - 7.45 pH - to achieve this a rule of thumb is to follow an 80/20 diet so that your daily meal consists mainly of fruits & vegetables and less of meats & dairy (and coffee!).

Source: yurielkaim.com

Source: yurielkaim.com

Good news! Following an Alkaline Diet is easier than it sounds.  There are tons of tasty, plant-based foods out there.  Believe it or not, ground beef has an amazing plant-based alternative that has nearly the same taste & texture as meat. 

But if you need something lighter & more convenient, we offer a range of almond juices beverages that contain organic, alkalizing ingredients such as almond, citrus fruits, just to name a few!

Lemon has potent alkalizing effects while providing natural detoxing & cleansing benefits.  Almonds are nutrient-dense with heart-healthy natural fats.  Furthermore, each of our delicious & low-sugar and low-carb almond juices are infused with different superfood flavors to offer additional health benefits - learn more about each of the almond juice varieties here

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Thank you for reading & be well! - Jake