5 Ways to Maximize Turmeric's Anti-Inflammatory Power


     By now, you probably heard about the super-food Turmeric which doctors refer to as the 'miracle spice'.  Although prized in Asia for several millennia this potent spice has been gaining momentum among medical experts for it's natural & powerful health benefits.

     Though widely known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve joint pain, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute share that this super-spice can also help with digestive tract issues as well as a preventative pre-diabetic patients:

"Turmeric has been found to be likely effective for osteoarthritis, and a limited number of studies have shown some efficacy in Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, [and] IBS," Blake-Gumbs says, adding that at least one trial has shown that the spice may help prevent pre-diabetic patients from progressing to full blown Type 2 diabetes."

     So what's the magic behind this powerful spice?  Researchers have identified that Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, is the therapeutic compound that puts the 'super' in this golden super-food.  Here are 5 tips to maximize the healing power of Turmeric as according to nutritionists & industry experts:

  1. Activate with Black Pepper: Dr. Andrew Weil, renowned celebrity physician, recommends consuming Turmeric with Black Pepper as it contains an compound called 'Piperine' that helps your body more effectively utilize Curcumin.

  2. Consume with Healthy Fats: Turmeric is fat-soluble which means it dissolves in fat. Without fat, Curcumin has a more difficult time getting adsorbed in your bloodstream. Nutritionists recommend consuming Turmeric together with a healthy fat, such as cold-pressed almond milk, to maximize nutrient absorption.

  3. Quality Matters: Garbage in, garbage out - if you decide to include Turmeric into your nutrition regime then consume the highest quality organic Turmeric that's sourced from India, the birthplace of Turmeric. Origin Almond only uses Organic Indian Turmeric in our Golden Ginger & Turmeric almond milk elixir.

  4. Quantity Matters: WebMD, trusted online health portal, recommends 1,000 mg of Turmeric for Osteoarthritis relief. Unfortunately, many of the Turmeric tonics in the market contain a lesser amount. Origin Almond's Turmeric & Ginger Almond Juice contains 1,125 mg of our proprietary Organic Turmeric spice blend to provide powerful (& tasty) relief.

  5. Partner with Ginger & Lemon: Herbalists & Turmeric lovers alike agree that Turmeric pairs perfectly with Ginger & Lemon. Ginger provides additional digestive health benefits and Lemon is a natural alkalizing agent, which naturally helps balance your body's acidity levels.

You might it troublesome applying these 5 tips to your regular Turmeric intake.  Luckily, we've done all the work for you!  Origin Almond's Turmeric & Ginger Almond Juice has all these covered in a single healing beverage.  Each tasty & eye-opening sip provides the full power of Organic Turmeric along with the goodness of Ginger + Lemon. 

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Thank you for reading & be well! - Jake