Origin Almond x La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Origin Almond announces new distribution with La Colombe Coffee Roasters to offer a new line of plant-based & low-sugar drinks in select Philadelphia cafes.

Story Highlights:

  • Some La Colombe Cafes in Philadelphia will sell Origin Almond, which are a line of cold-pressed almond juice beverages.

  • Most of the Origin Almond beverages contain just 1g of sugar per entire bottle, and they are made with a base of cold-pressed organic almonds.

  • The almond juices are also infused with plant-powered super foods and adaptogens, and the current flavor offerings include Lemon Ginger 360 Cleanse, Thai Coconut Pina Colada, Ginger Turmeric Golden-Mylk, Matcha Spirulina Super Greens 4, and more.

  • The Almond Juices are available at two La Colombe stores in Philadelphia starting August 19th.

August 20th 2018

PHILADELPHIA—Origin Almond & La Colombe Coffee Roasters, two Philly-based beverage innovators, are teaming up to offer Origin Almond’s new range of cold-pressed almond juices in select La Colombe cafes in Philadelphia starting mid-August.  

Beginning August 20th, La Colombe’s Fishtown and Independence Mall cafes will be making Origin Almond available to customers in their grab-and-go refrigerators.

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 “From what I’ve observed in the market, today’s healthy minded consumers are constantly looking for ways to eat leaner & cleaner.  Leaner with foods and drinks minus the excess sugar, carbs, & calories—and cleaner with more plant-based options,” said Jake Deleon, founder of Origin Almond.  “I also see more folks realizing that the foods they thought were healthy, are in truth, loaded with hidden excess sugars.  For example, cold-pressed fruit juices.”  

Juice the almonds, not the fruit! Origin Almond’s solution is a new line of Almond Juices that offer the best of cold-pressed minus the guilt.  Because they cold-press the liquid essence of almonds, instead of high-sugar fruits, their almond juices are naturally low sugar & low carb. How low? Most flavors contain just 1g of sugar per entire bottle.  And since they’re never heated, the drinks have a naturally fresh, clean, & bright taste—just like a cold-pressed juice!  They’re vegan, keto, & paleo-friendly and are available in a rainbow of plant-powered varieties:

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  • Ginger & Turmeric Golden-Mylk—The Rejuvenating Elixir. Ancient healing spices helps to promote anti-inflammatory, immune, & digestive health.

  • Thai Coconut Pina Colada—Guilt free tropical indulgence with health & brain-boosting MCTs (good fats!).

  • Lemon Ginger 360 Cleanse—The 1st complete low-sugar cleanse that purifies and keeps you refreshed and strong.

  • Matcha Spirulina Super Greens 4—Daily burst of vital green health powered by super greens sourced from the Earth & Ocean.

  • Iced Lemon Chai Spice—Delicious spicy comfort with our aromatic Masala Chai Spice blend that’s topped off with refreshing squeeze of lemon.

  • Lemon Charcoal Dark Detox—Activated charcoal pairs with classic lemon & ginger for a deliciously refreshing daily detox.

In addition to those select La Colombe locations, people can also find Origin Almond at Wholefoods Market stores and other healthy-minded locations in the Greater Philadelphia and South/Central NJ area.  See the full list of stores at OriginAlmond.com.

About Origin Almond®
Origin Almond (www.OriginAlmond) is a purveyor of premium, plant-based beverages based on organic, sprouted almonds.   All their deliciously wholesome products are naturally low-sugar & free from gluten, dairy, soy & grain-free with zero additives and most are Keto approved.   The company has also innovated on sustainability with the launch of Clean as Kale (www.CleanAsKale.com) a separate skincare line that uses the Origin Almond by-product as a primary component.  They’re proudly local with all products handcrafted in South Jersey since 2015.
About La Colombe
La Colombe (www.lacolombe.com) is a leading coffee roaster known for ethical, long-term trade practices with growers. Considered one of the pioneers of the third wave of coffee, it provides signature classic blends and exceptional single-origin coffees to cafés, hotels, restaurants and retailers around the world. In addition, the company owns and operates 30 cafés in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. – with additional locations and new markets scheduled to open in 2018. The company has also made headlines in the ready-to-drink business with its DRAFT LATTE(™) – the world’s first-ever textured cold latte.