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Recipe: Golden Turmeric Basmati Rice

Golden Turmeric Almond Milk - delicious sweet or savory!  I've had several requests for savory recipes that call for our Handcrafted Almond Milks.  Golden Turmeric, one of our best sellers, came to mind as it harmoniously blends the distinctive taste of Turmeric with the smooth yet spicy combination of Ceylon Cinnamon and Indian Ginger.

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Recipe: Golden Turmeric & Banana Chia Smoothie

As a deliciously wholesome way to lock-in your daily dose of the miracle-spice Turmeric, it's no surprise that our Golden Turmeric ultra-pure almond milk is among our top-sellers.  While its' fans drink the healing tonic on its own (warmed in nice big mug), many have asked for other ways it can be served. At first I was skeptical in how Turmeric in a smoothie format would play out, but after the first sweet/spicy sip I was a full believer.

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