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Recipe: Hearty & Creamy Almond Coconut Porridge

Almond, Coconut, Oats, & Quinoa, the elements of a perfect Winter comfort dish.  I was thinking on foods that evoke warmth, comfort, and coziness and immediately breakfast porridge came to mind.  This recipe combines some of my favorite grains with the creaminess of our limited edition Thai Coconut Blend Almond Milk for a hearty dish that will keep you warm hours after your first spoonful.

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Recipe: No-Cook Double Dark Cacao Overnight Oatmeal

Contrary to belief, I personally believe that bowl of cold oatmeal first thing in the morning is a refreshing, satisfying, and wholesome breakfast option.  This modern (and super-easy) spin on Swiss Muesli serves up uncooked oats, a double dose of dark cacao, and of course, almond milk for a power vegan breakfast.

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