The 'Chemistry' of Commercial Almond Milks

It's no surprise that America's appetite for almond milk has continued to grow for the past few years.  With constant negative news surrounding the dairy industry, an increase in lactose sensitivities, and a growing mindset of eating healthier, many have transitioned away from cow milk to plant-based alternatives. 

Commercial brands such as Silk, AlmondBreeze, and Califia have since dominated the market with their 'versions' of almond milk.  But with less than 2% almonds by volume, these beverages could be better described as "colored water that happens to have a hint of almond" (see more in my previous article here). 

So what's in the other 98% you say?  Well, it's mostly a cocktail of water mixed with food additives that manufacturers include to reduce costs while giving the impression of 'real' almond milk.  Here's some of the most common additives found in the big brand commercial almond milks:

Locust Bean Gum: or Xanthan Gum, is a thickening agent commonly used to add texture/body in liquids to give it better 'mouthfeel'.  It is also used to manufacture cosmetics, paper products, and also a flavor enhancer in cigarettes.  Brands that use Locust/Xanthan Gum: Silk® & Califia®

Lecithin: is an emulsifier & lubricant agent commonly used to promote the mixture of ingredients in a liquid.  This highly processed additive, usually derived from soy, has faced pressure from regulatory bodies due to its GMO implications.  Brands that use Lecithin: Silk®, AlmondBreeze® & Califia®

Potassium Citrate: is a buffering agent commonly used to regulate natural acidity in foods.  It is also used in the medical field to regulate acidity levels in the patient's body. Brands that use Lecithin: Silk®, AlmondBreeze® & Califia®

The Origin Almond line of handcrafted almond milks contain zero additives, thickeners, or emulsifiers and are the farthest thing in the world from the mass commercial brands.  Here's 3 simple reasons why you should make the switch from origin-laboratory to Origin Almond:

  • Natural Almond Goodness:  At the heart of all our recipes are 100% raw, organic, non-GMO unpasteurized almonds.  And since we use raw & unpasteurized almonds, more of the key vital nutrients and potent enzymes are kept intact It's almond goodness as nature intended.
  • Abundant Flavor: Our ultra-pure almond milks contains more than 10x the almonds of grocery brands with zero additives, thickeners, or emulsifiers. 
  • Freshly Made for You:  All orders are handcrafted-to-order in small-batches to ensure artisan quality and maximum freshness.  We believe there's something special in knowing that what you are enjoying was made specially just for you. 

You can order our delicious, ultra-pure almond milks here.  Your order will be handcrafted-to-order specially you and delivered to your doorstep. 

Thanks for reading :) - Jake

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