The Truth About Commercial Almond Milks

On your last visit to the grocery store you probably noticed there were less cow and much more plant-based options in the refrigerated dairy section.  It should then be no surprise to learn that more households are making the switch from dairy milks to plant-based alternatives in the hopes of following a healthier diet. 

Ingredient list from a leading grocery almond milk brand

Ingredient list from a leading grocery almond milk brand

But did you know... that nearly all the half-gallon cartons of grocery almond milk brands contain less than a handful of almonds? That means almonds only makes up roughly 2% of total volume with the remaining 98% being water, excess sugars, salt, and additives like carrageenan & lecithin.

This article, by Nick Meyer & published by AltHealthWorks, looks at the commercial almond milk business from the view of an industry insider.  Much of the key takeaways can be summed in this quote from the author:

You read correctly, only 2% of almond milk is almonds. I think a more appropriate term should be “colored water that may contain a hint of almond.”

Sadly, the truth behind commercial almond milk is that behind the claims of 'healthiness' and shiny packaging, it is just another overly processed and additive-filled beverage.

The good news is that true almond milk does exist! Origin Almond's line of fresh, handcrafted almond milks are the farthest thing in the world from the grocery brands.  Here's 5 simple reasons why you should make the switch to Origin Almond from the origin-laboratory almond milks found in the grocery store:

  1. Natural Almond Goodness: At the heart of all our recipes are 100% raw, organic, non-GMO, sprouted almonds. And since we use raw & unpasteurized almonds, more of the key vital nutrients and potent enzymes are kept intact.

  2. Abundant Flavor: Our ultra-pure almond milks contains more than 10x the almonds of grocery brands with zero Carrageenan, gum thickeners or emulsifiers.

  3. Never Heated & Never Pasteurized. Our almond milks are prepared and bottled raw so that each sip delivers an incredibly delicious & clean almond taste.

  4. Freshly Made for You: Every bottle is handcrafted in small-batches to ensure artisan quality and maximum freshness. We believe there's something special in knowing that what you are enjoying was made specially just for you.

  5. Rainbow of Superfood Flavors: We offer a variety of deliciously wholesome flavors to cater to every taste and occasion. This includes our creamy Thai Coconut Blend made with fresh Thai coconut milk to our deliciously therapeutic Golden Ginger & Turmeric which boasts potent Turmeric for anti-inflammatory relief.

Learn more about our fresh & deliciously pure almond milks here.  We prepare fresh batches every single Saturday for sale at the Collingswood Farmer's Market.  I invite you to stop by our booth to sample the eye-opening difference of fresh almond milk for yourself!

Thanks for reading :) - Jake