What’s the difference between Origin Almond™ and other almond milk brands?

Quality & Purity.  We believe in producing almond milk that’s ultra-pure and as nature intended.  This means no nasty additives or preservatives and a higher percentage of almonds than most other brands.  No gimmicks, no food marketing trickery.  Learn more here.

Sounds good. But then why is Origin Almond™ more expensive than the other almond milk brands?

When asked this, we often wonder how are others make their almond milk so cheap?

To be transparent, making pure almond milk the right way is expensive—our process maintains a raw, perishable product & our recipes only use premium, raw, organic, non-GMO, unpasteurized European almonds.  Although our approach is more costly, we believe this should be the natural & honest way to make pure almond milk.

Also, unlike cheaper brands, our almond milks are ultra-pure in that our core formula is made with only almonds and water.  None of the weird or nasty additives that the other brands use. Furthermore, the percentage of almonds in those brands is significantly lower than ours. That means more flavor enhancers, preservatives and additives, and less of the real, powerful, & natural goodness which comes from the almonds themselves.  Learn more here.

So then what percentage of almonds are in the Origin Almond™ beverages?

Minimum of 20%.  It may not sound like a huge number, but keep in mind that most other almond milk brands are in the 2% range.  So then what's in the other 98% then?  Well, to make up for the lack of almonds, they use a lot more water, excessive sugars/salts, and unattractive additives like carrageen (seaweed), lecithin (fat) to make the product ‘seem’ tasty & full of texture (learn more here)

Weird right?  As a matter of fact, it’s so weird that the major almond milk brands may be facing legal challenges for marketing themselves as 'real' almond milk. 

Through our many rounds of recipe testing we found the current version to produce a clean, delicious, and of course, pure almond milk while taking into the consideration the cost of using our ultra-premium ingredients (mainly the almonds themselves).

Speaking of ingredient purity & quality, so what’s in and what’s out?

At the heart of our recipes is are just two simple ingredients: filtered water + an abundance of 100% raw, organic, unpasteurized, activated (sprouted), non-GMO European almonds (whew, that’s a mouthful).  Learn more here.

Our products are vegan thus do not contain any animal products.  And, all our ingredients are naturally dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

I notice that there's separation in the Origin Almond™ almond milks.  It looks weird, so why does it do this? 

The appearance of our almond milks is all natural (e.g. separation is natural)! This occurrence happens when the denser nut/flavor layer separates from the less-dense liquid layer.  This is a sign of the purity of the product. Our almond milks do not include any chemicals or nasty additives that would otherwise stop this from happening.  Rest assured, all it takes is a quick shake to fully enjoy the product!

I want my favorite store / cafe / fitness studio to carry Origin Almond™ products.

Why thank you for the love!  For now our products are only available for sale direct to customer either through our online store or pop-up events which we will announce on our social media channels.  However, we’ll keep you updated in case there’s exciting news that says otherwise.   ;)

But I still have other questions!

We’re just starting out so we may not have all information published.  If these questions didn’t cover what you were looking for, send us a note through our contact form or e-mail us directly at hello@OriginAlmond.com and we’ll do our best to help out.