1-Day Sugar Detox

Meet the FIRST juice cleanse that's low-sugar, low-carb & lower calorie with more protein, fiber & healthy fats* to keep you satisfied & strong. Purifying greens, herbs & citrus help detox and reset your body while nourishing plant-protein & dietary fiber helps to keep you strong and energized.
Keto, Paleo, & Vegan.

1-Day Sugar Detox (6 Pack)
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What is it?

The fact is that our diets contain way too much sugar.  And with excess sugar increasing the rates of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and premature mortality, it is the single most critical health epidemic facing us today.  There's the obvious sources of excess sugar from sweet treats. But many are unaware of the hidden sources of sugar in so-called ‘healthy’ foods, such as Cold-Pressed Fruit Juices.  

Our Sugar Detox Program replaces a day's main meals with six (6) of our low-sugar cold-pressed almond juices, eliminating your body’s burden of breaking down food while drastically reducing the average daily sugar intake to support the detox process. Think of it as a kick start towards a healthier & happier lifestyle with a cleaner, balanced diet.

What are the benefits of it?

Our Sugar Cleanse Program is a wonderful opportunity to refresh and reset, inside and out can naturally provide a wealth of benefits:

  • Beautify: clearer skin, reduced bloating, vibrant outer glow

  • Restore: renewed, sustainable energy with better mental clarity

  • Rejuvenate: better digestion, reduced inflammation, heart health

  • Purify: fewer cravings and release from sugar addiction

  • Tranquility: better mood and lessened anxiety, improved sleep

How does it work?

This detox is compised of six (6) Origin Almond Cold-Pressed Almond Juices and is designed to be consumed independently from food and replace your entire day’s worth of meals. Detox is achieved through eliminating your body's burden of excess sugar & breaking down the additives and toxins consumed in the standard American diet. In addition to detoxing, the antioxidant and enzyme-rich almond juices also fuel your body with potent superfoods & adaptogens, acting as catalysts for better health.

Try not to put yourself under too much pressure during your first Sugar Detox.  If you become excessively hungry you can always munch on raw low-sugar fruits & vegetables (preferably raw and unprocessed) without compromising the benefits of the cleanse.  After 1-3 days of a juice detox, many people report increased energy, focus, & de-bloating. Your body will begin to crave this energized feeling that comes along with a healthy, low-sugar & plant-based diet.

How long does this Sugar Cleanse Program last?

At the moment we only offer a 1-day cleanse liquid cleanse program designed to replace the entire day(s) worth of meals.  Since the digestive system is not working to break down food while on a Sugar Cleanse Program, benefits may be achieved more quickly than with other types of cleanse and detox programs.

For those who are new to liquid cleanses, it is recommended to start with a 1-day program to gauge your own body's tolerance & reaction.  Those  whom have had prior experience with liquid cleanses may choose for a 1-3 day program to yield more potent results. 

Our tried-and-true, nourishing & low-sugar cleanse program floods your body with a huge amount of nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes in order to support your detoxifying organs during the cleansing process.  Whether your cleanse lasts 1 or 3 days, your body will enjoy and thank you for the benefits.

What makes your Sugar Cleanse Program different than the other juice cleanses?

Our Sugar Cleanse Program is the only liquid cleanse that offers very-low sugar nourishment with quality plant protein & fiber to keep you energized & feeling full.  Compare the difference of our Sugar Cleanse Program to other popular juice-based cleanses for yourself:

Ready for a Clean & lean recharge?

Try our 1-Day Detox Program and treat your body to the natural energy, beauty & repair it deserves and needs.  For a limited time, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders to NY/NJ/PA/DE.

1-Day Sugar Detox (6 Pack)
49.90 59.90

Learn more about our 1-Day Sugar Detox program here.

Currently shipping to NY/NJ/PA/DE/MD addresses only.

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