Origin Almond

We’re a full service creative agency with offices in The Netherlands, Australia & The United States. Origin Almond specializes in Social Media, PR & Marketing. All without added GMOs, sugar and chemicals. 😉


Our team is small, but loyal. We love the digital world, matter in fact, we live in it.  Origin Almond can be described as True trail-blazers, modern day explorers, or simply the online Rembrandt.


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Meet our Team

Vincent de Boer

Vincent de Boer is the Founder of Origin Almond. de Boer is a Musician & Artist himself and specializes in PR, Social Media & Communications, and Graphic Design

Zuv Anarey

Zuv Anarey is the Co-Founder & Executive of Origin Almond. Zuv is a digital media manager with over 1,000,000 followers across various online niche pages. His main specialties include music strategy, PR placements, and social media growth. You can find him via Twitter (@Zuvney) or via Email: yahyamaghrab62@gmail.com

George Pham

George Pham is the Lead Manager of Origin Almond, also a musician and Hip-Hop Producer. His areas of expertise include content optimization, viral campaigning, and management.

Shaun Gordon

Shaun is the Lead Contributor for Origin Almond, also a Radio Personality. Shaun can run viral campaigns for musicians, and other entertainment entities. Shaun has been in the industry for a long time and know exactly what it takes to get the job done.

Targeted Publications

Our PR team will publish your brand’s story on outlets including Forbes, GQ, Entrepreneur Magazine, and other High-Tier Publications. With our catalog of 500+ news websites, we’ll undertake the entire process of interviewing, drafting, and publishing your article online. Through tailored bundles, we optimize your niche exposure!

Social Media Management

We specialize in building online followings, creating content sets, and keeping your followers updated. Typically coupled with our growth services, our dedicated team is ready to optimize your brand's online persona.


Predicated on years of algorithmic analysis online, our media team knows how to manufacture a viral campaign. We utilize various mechanisms to push content into the forefront of digital platforms, and are able to provide a case-by-case strategy for individuals looking to do the same.

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